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The Bloomsbury Colleges PhD Studentships

The Bloomsbury Colleges are offering 11 PhD studentships available for PhD studies beginning in the academic year 2019/20. The studentships will cover tuition fees (at the home fee rate) and a stipend (the stipend rate was £16,777 per annum for 2018/19) for up to 3 years.

The projects available encompass a wide range of topics and reflect the diversity of disciplines represented in the consortium. Each of these studentships will be supervised by two of the partner colleges as indicated after each studentship, with the lead college listed first. Successful students will be registered with the lead college in each case.

Bloomsbury College Studentships

  • Learning to be an Arab: Quranic schools and poor, African migrant (Bbk / SOAS)
  • Displaying the invisible: Islamic architecture (Bbk / SOAS)
  • Translanguaging Criticality: Creating and processing novel expressions in digitally mediated communication in the age of surveillance, with specific reference to China (UCL IOE / Bbk)
  • The Psychosocial Life of Sexual Implants (UCL IOE / Bbk)
  • Impact of changes in the food environment on food and drink purchasing using large-scale secondary data (LSHTM / RVC)
  • Characterising influenza dynamics at the animal-human interface in relation to swine production systems in Cambodia. (LSHTM / RVC)
  • “Omics” based characterisation of host genetics and gut microbiome composition in relation to pathogen abundance in chickens (RVC / LSHTM)
  • Antimicrobial usage in farm animal veterinary practice in the UK: A mixed methods approach (RVC / LSHTM)
  • Investigating the Interface between Maternal Health, Wellbeing and Work in Emerging Economies (SOAS / LSHTM)
  • Innovation in Psychiatric Crisis Care: An Ethnographic Investigation into Peer• supported Open Dialogue (POD) in Inner London. (SOAS / Bbk)
  • Mining ‘realms of memory’ for alternative histories of Mao’s China. (SOAS / Bbk)

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